Give your marketing a mantra.

We are a female owned, home grown marketing collective. We thrive on collaboration, focus and conscious communication. We aim to help your small business or event with social media, copy writing and digital marketing. We can strategize, create content and implement targeted marketing plans. All of our plans are budget friendly and created just for your business needs.


Our Services

  •  Social media strategy

  • Marketing strategy

  • Digital marketing analytics

  • Copy writing

  • PR

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Who are we?

We are a group of women, who love yoga and marketing. We have worked for large corporations in the Midwest and have started our own business to leverage our knowledge and your success.

How do I know what I need?

That’s the best part about us! We will only give you what we think you need, what we think you will find successful and what works. Every plan is bespoke!

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Our Practice

We work with a group of talented, creative women in the city of Milwaukee. All graphic designers, copy writers and strategic marketers are based within the Midwest and have Fortune 500 experience. High quality creative service is consistently delivered to all of our clients.


We take the stress and confusion out of social media and digital marketing. We are here to show you what works and how to capitalize on your target audience.

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Milwaukee Home

This is our community, our home and we are up and about the city frequently. We work to make this the best city within the Midwest. Helping business within the area is our main focus.